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Writing good tests, coming up with effective homework assignments, composing quizzes that accurately assess our students' gains: these are some of the hidden difficulties in our long day of teaching.  And this job does not get easier as the years pass, for the most effective among us are constantly innovating, constantly perfecting their skills.  We want to have good, fresh assessment material each year so that our students are challenged to do their best and show what they've learned, but there is only so much one person can do!

At the Question Exchange, we understand the how hard and time-consuming it is to create new material, year in and year out.  On this site, we want to bring high-skilled teachers together, where they can create new material, access and share their work from past years, and be challenged by the excellence of their peers across the nation. 

Key Features

Share questions and answers with ease.

Re-use exams and reorder the questions.

Improve your test-writing skills as you explore!

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